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When you go hiking in a large state park, there can be many different trailheads. If you have to meet your hiking partner at a specific parking location, it can be challenging to locate which trailhead is the right one. Selecting the hiking trail that works best for your endurance and skill level also takes careful research.

One of the worst things you can do is set out on a trail that you discover is the most difficult trail with perhaps steep, rocky hills. You soldier on anyway. Maybe you’re a little out of wind, but you get to the top of the hill.  You feel pretty good about making it up that hill. It’s the return trip going down the hill that may be most challenging for you.

The subsequent battering of your knees when you are reminded of the mistake of selecting this hiking trail. You wish you had checked the trail guide for the detailed descriptions about each trail so you could have made a better choice.

A business owner looking for the right financing, either a credit loan or a Commercial Mortgage Loan, faces similar challenges to the intrepid hiker in our story.

That’s what we do at Aurora Business Consulting.  We know the best “trails” to select for our clients because of our experience and knowing the right questions to ask, the potential pitfalls, the difficulty aspects, of each Lender.

For example, a business owner won’t know there are Lenders, both Traditional and Non-Traditional, who may have a better appetite for risk, and thus, a more lenient approach to calculating the qualifying income for the business.  And many times, the make or break for a loan application is just like getting to the top of that steep hill and the subsequent descent: the qualifying income is the part where the Lender finds challenges in approving your loan request, very much like the battering of your knees as you make your way down that hill.

We know how to get to the kernel of truth in how a Lender approaches risk-tolerance (or avoidance).  Let us find the right financing solution for you; we promise, your financing “hike” will feel like a smooth and easy path.

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