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A word (or two, or more) of advice from a financing professional of 30+ years: We strongly recommend, before you act out of desperation and anxiety, please take a moment, slow down for a moment and take care of how you handle your decision-making process when applying for the second PPP loan and any other Disaster loans.  The money’s not going anywhere.

Back in April, we managed 25+ businesses for EIDL and PPP applications. We now have close to 100. At the time, when The CARES Act rolled out we waited before submitting applications. As a result, our clients received substantially more money than if we used the “math” and other guidelines in the first days of the roll out.

If you scroll any online groups specialized in disaster financing, you will see all the confusion among business owners about the program.  There’s no clear guidance on the SBA website.  There’s no clear guidance from Lenders/Banks no matter how good they relay their message.

We’ve had so many calls with one of our trusted lender resources about the placing of new PPP loans either with his bank or elsewhere. This is the professional who, last April, provided us with the final ACCURATE guidance on how to calculate PPP application numbers.

We like the Carpenter’s Rule: “Measure Twice, CUT Once.”

Take your time; take care with your applications.  Trevor followed this rule for his 30+ year career as a Mortgage Banker and it helped him to literally make Dreams come true for First Time Buyers.

For our part, we haven’t submitted a single Forgiveness application yet for our clients because we’re waiting for the new Legislation to kick in which guides Forgiveness NOT to subtract the EIDL Grants from the Forgiveness amounts.

We encourage you all in the strongest, most honorable and passionate and sympathetic terms possible: SLOW DOWN. Take your time and apply when you have all the facts.

We know that it is worth the wait.


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