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Prospecting Avoidance

Professional salespeople know when they wake in the morning they have to do the one thing that is sure to guarantee an income: Prospect for new business. In a way, salespeople begin everyday [...]

Hiking the Finance Trail

When you go hiking in a large state park, there can be many different trailheads. If you have to meet your hiking partner at a specific parking location, it can be challenging to locate which [...]

Fly Birdie Fly

What’s wrong with boxes anyway? Boxes are handy. They store and organize stuff AND transport stuff, you know, like PIZZA delivery. YUM! “Thinking outside the box” is a phrase commonly used [...]

The Gatekeepers

Are you a Harry Potter fan?  In the first Harry Potter film, there is the scene where he visits the bank. His somewhat guardian pal Hagrid brings Harry to the bank to access the money Harry has [...]

The Usual Suspects

It happens all too often; we hear from clients, Attorneys, CPA’s and friends; the same sad story.  A business owner needs financing for their business, whether it’s a Commercial Mortgage or a [...]

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