Restaurant Financing

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

The restaurant business is exciting, demanding, and, when it comes to financing, challenging.  Many Lenders have little tolerance for the risk associated with this type of business enterprise.  

Busy restaurant owners, strangled for time with the myriad activities necessary to build their businesses, can’t always find the time to seek out the best and the right financing solutions for working capital.  As a result, these business owners often accept less than ideal financing solutions, solutions with impossible credit terms or, worse, new “equity partners” who invest capital and later decide they want a voice in how to run the restaurant.

We meet frustrated restaurant owners all the time in our travels.  As Brokers at Aurora Consulting our single mission is to search for solutions for our clients. 

Here are some financing solutions we’ve located for Restaurants:

EXPRESS Financing: limited documentation required; business history less than 3 years acceptable; less than stellar credit acceptable; approve and close FAST; up to $100,000 financing available.

Equipment Financing: You need that piece of gear that supercharges your menu? We have multiple financing solutions for equipment purchases.  Financing your equipment purchases preserves your precious working capital.

Commercial Mortgages: Create wealth by owning the real estate! Eliminate greedy landlords when you buy your own building for your amazing restaurant! Bring stability to your restaurant’s revenue when you own the property!

Merchant Account Financing: Yes, we know your credit card processor tells you everyday they can lend you money on your “swipes.”  We can find the same financing at much better terms for you to protect your bottom line.

Growth Financing: You’ve built your dream restaurant and now you’re ready to expand.  Knock down a wall and add tables, chairs, customers and revenue!  Open another location! Create a branded product line!  Aurora Consulting will assemble the financing package to continue your business success story.

As Brokers, we’re working for YOU.  We know where to look for the right Lenders who have the best appetite for your Restaurant enterprise.  We understand the restaurant business and we know how to assemble your financing request to achieve the desired result: an approval and closing on the financing you need for your business success story.  

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Clients are Talking

  • Great job in putting together a presentation for me! I already see an increase in closing my deals. Linda is extremely professional and knowledgeable about all facets of business. Highly recommended if you want to grow your business!

    Ron M.
  • Aurora Consulting assists individuals grow their small businesses with fun and flair. Linda Rey has a unique way of making work, seem less like work. If you own a small business and are looking for ways to grow, and smile while you do it, look no further. Aurora Consulting is where you need to be.

    Jennifer B.
  • I cannot give Aurora Consulting and Linda Rey enough stars. I work in a very small niche field and for years we had been searching for someone who "gets us" and what we are looking for in our marketing, social media and website. I was starting to give up hope (we tried a lot of people), nothing seemed to be the right fit. Then, one day, I was introduced to Linda. She is creative and her mind never stops rolling, she takes a video of a simple meeting and is able to make something great! She has increased our presence in just a short time and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Aurora to any business looking to up there game!

    Sarah P.
  • Working with Linda Rey has been invaluable. She has shown me how less can be more (my original copies were way too long.) Graphics matter. Audiences are more engaged with strong graphics. Consistency matters. Linda has helped me set up a process to more consistent with my social media. Video works. Consumers love live crisp authentic video. When you partner with Linda you work with a professional in the business who will help make your business better and grow your revenues...and you will have a lot of fun working with her!

    Ann Z.
  • Trevor and Linda have helped us attain financing to grow our small business. Their professionalism and network of resources are remarkable. I highly recommend Aurora consulting for all your commercial financing needs.

    Chris R.
  • Thank you for being the beacon that small business’ can rely on, to help them navigate the unchartered Covid-19 waterways….

    Joe P.
  • Shut out of the first round of PPP funding by my local bank of 20 years — along with most other truly small businesses — and with another 310 billion of funding coming into the picture that would fly out the door, I realized I was going to need some street savvy to break into the application process. Trevor Curran and Linda Rey at Aurora Consulting not only have the experience and industry knowledge, they’re also good people, truly dedicated to their clients. Within 24 hours of the release of fresh funding, I had an accepted application by a new lender, and had submitted all requested documentation. They hit the ground running as soon as I called, and didn’t pause until we crossed the finish line. Finance rock stars extraordinaire!!
    John H.
  • "Yeah, you are [the] only one I know that knows what they are talking about!" (COVID 19 Disaster Financing Loans)

  • Thank you so much for providing clear, concise and important information. You guys rock!

    Tracy B.
  • It is with GREAT pleasure that I write this review of Aurora Consulting. I was referred to them and they have been Effective and Efficient. These are very stressful times for us Small Business Owners  having to close our Businesses, deal with financial losses  and then having to navigate through the SBA programs available to us.Not only did  Aurora learn the ever changing EIDL and the PPP process,  Trevor responded to all of my calls, emails or texts in speedy fashion.  In fact, we communicated constantly and he was reassuring throughout the entire time. They  were successful in securing an EIDL Grant and PPP loan approval for my business.  I am so impressed with their work ethic that  I look forward to working with them to securing my business credit line as the economic climate changes.

    C. Sam
  • I honestly could NOT have done this without your perseverance!! Owe you and Linda big time my friends!!
  • It's taking me 2 days to find words to describe my feelings towards you and the fact that for the first time in 22 years of being in my own business I finally found a company that understands the struggles a small business goes through to obtain funding or help when it comes to line of credits or loans. I for one can't express my gratitude for all the help and you have giving me during the COVID-19 Pandemic its not about the money or how much my company got its the fact that you guys were there for me when ever I had a question and needed explanation or clarification you were always there to answer address my concerns and guide me to the right decision. I truly appreciate you and believe this is a start to a prospers and success relationship between your company and mine, so once again thank you so very much for all you do.
    Mohammad I.
  • There are not enough words to describe the dogged determination - coupled with a deep concern for customers - that Aurora Consulting has demonstrated during this unprecedented crisis. They worked diligently on helping me find emergency funding at a time when I had to focus on my business and my family. I had tremendous peace of mind knowing Trevor and Linda were working on my behalf. I would recommend them to anyone considering their services. An incredible team dedicated to serving others!
  • Trevor and Linda have been a tremendous asset to my small business. They bring positive energy and even more importantly, positive results to everything they do for us. Thanks to their diligent efforts, I received all the COVID-19 funding that I sought and more. My calls, emails, and concerns were consistently addressed in a timely manner. It has been and is a great experience working with Trevor and Linda, and I look forward to continuing the relationship. Highly recommended! 

    Todd I.
  • I had the pleasure of dealing with Aurora Consulting. Linda Rey and Trevor are knowledgeable, professional, Dependable and timely. Aurora Consulting helped guide my company in many different ways and provided invaluable advice and guidance during difficult timesI highly recommend Aurora Consulting as an invaluable asset for any company.

    Yasser Shaheen, MD