SBA Facts, Faults and Failures

For all its faults, SBA has helped MILLIONS of Small Business Owners (SBOs) with the EIDL program. Seems irrelevant when you’re still waiting for funds.

The SBA has many, many, many faults, however we’ve discussed Trevor’s “Three P’s” for EIDL success: Patience, Persistence, and Process. Today we add a fourth “P”: PEOPLE.

An SBA senior Loan Officer, also a former Mortgage Banker like Trevor, recently said to Trevor, “It comes down to who’s working on the file here at SBA.”  There’s a lot of “in between the lines” to unpack about that comment.

The Loan Officer also made this statement: “You know, the application for EIDL is pretty simple. A tax return, and a couple of documents. It’s not complicated.

This is why your success—OR FAILURE—with the SBA process and your application, more often comes down to ONE PERSON.  One good person gets you approved; one bad person leads you into SBA EIDL HELL.


We have NO RESPECT for SBA declination letters. The reasons given for declinations are often so absurd and so out of touch with the reality of the loan application documents is a complete JOKE.

Declination Examples:

“You’ve received maximum allowable EIDL based on your 2019 tax return” or “Economic Injury Unsubstantiated” when the tax return CLEARLY shows there’s sufficient income. ONE PERSON at SBA doesn’t know how to do 5th grade arithmetic. That ONE PERSON DECLINED the loan.

“Withdrawn due to inactivity” this one is one of the BIGGEST JOKE declinations.  We’ve received these on files where we had literally submitted documents weekly for two months.  Even after emailing with a Loan Officer!

AND THE INFAMOUS: “Unverifiable Information”. What does this even mean? They don’t tell you what information was unverifiable.

THANKFUL MOMENT: YOU CAN GET APPROVED with the FOUR P’s: patience, persistence, process, and people.

Ignore the declination letter.  Don’t give up. File a Reconsideration; file four Reconsiderations. KEEP GOING.

You will NEVER KNOW the reason you were declined.  Remember what the Loan Officer said to Trevor: “It’s pretty simple.” If you KNOW that you’ve submitted your documents in a clear and organized and professional manner, then you’re going to get approved. As long as you’re persistent and you keep going until the RIGHT PERSON gets your file, you will get approved.

OTHER ADVICE: Everything we share with you is based on hundreds of interactions and hundreds of Clients and thousands of documents combined with Trevor’s 30+ YEARS as a Lender.  Here’s some valuable advice we have for you:

You’re the only person who can provide the best quality documents and the most accurate information.

Sure, you can read about a couple of people on Reddit who:

A) Called their politician
B) Called the SBA everyday
C) Made friends with an SBA Loan Officer but the advice they give you is WRONG.

  • CALLING SBA is a waste of time
  • EMAILING SBA is a waste of time

SUBMITTING documents in an organized manner, with NO STORY TELLING, is the ONLY WAY to get a RESULT

IF you’re declined, submit a RECONSIDERATION.  Don’t give up. Organize your documents and send it in AGAIN. AND AGAIN. UNTIL you’re approved.