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Disaster Loan Application Services

We specialize in helping Small Business owners who are exhausted with the SBA. We provide support with processing EIDL applications, reconsiderations, modifications and appeals of the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL.)

Original Application

We will review all business documents, conduct an in-depth interview with the business owner, and prepare the complete application package for submission to SBA. You will receive a submission package with a summary of instructions for next steps in the SBA process.

Reconsideration for a declined SBA EIDL

We will review all business documents, conduct an in-depth interview with the business owner, and prepare the complete application package for submission to SBA. You will receive a submission package with a summary of instructions for next steps in the SBA process.

Increase Modification for a previously approved SBA EIDL

We will review all business documents, conduct an in-depth interview with the business owner, and prepare the complete application package for submission to SBA. You will receive a submission package with a summary of instructions for next steps in the SBA process.

Do It Yourself Guidebook

We created our comprehensive expert guidebook “RoadMap To Reconsideration” to guide those Small Business Owners who want to manage their own process of requesting a Reconsideration for a declined EIDL or a request for an Increase Modification of an approved/funded EIDL.

Who We Are

Aurora Consulting is the Small Business EIDL Experts. We’ve developed this expertise by working on hundreds of files with spectacular successes since March 2020.

Our clients are experiencing the stress of losing their businesses, their livelihoods, and their income. They’re exhausted and stressed by the SBA’s EIDL process.

The SBA is notoriously slow and dysfunctional, combined with the overwhelming number of file requests they’re processing with limited financial and human resources.

3 Aspects to Our Process

Two aspects of our process are considered “bookends.” On one end of the “bookshelf” is our methodical document and client onboarding process. We have a Document Control Administrator to verify the completeness and accuracy of your documents that we present, to the SBA, on your behalf.

The other end of the “bookshelf” is when Trevor Curran, our retired Loan Officer with 30+ years of experience with Government Loans, responds to the SBA when they finally arrive to work on your Reconsideration file.

  1. It’s his knowledge and experience that our Clients rely on to get a positive result when SBA behaves badly.
  2. He also reviews EVERY SINGLE document you’re required to submit for errors that could lead to problems with SBA.
  3. Finally, we manage all communications and advocate for you with the SBA on what we call “the moment of truth”.

The “moment of truth” is when Trevor interacts directly with the SBA to review:

A. Your unique business story, to guide the SBA Loan Officer to better understand of that story, and
B. The math used to calculate your loan amount

In between the “bookends” is the long waiting period. To prepare your expectations, we’re seeing SBA timelines on Reconsiderations typically in the 60 to 120 day range. In other words, it’s not going to happen quickly.

The core element of who we are at Aurora Consulting is a professional application processing team with an experienced Loan Officer. We’re passionate and committed to helping you obtain the funds to which you’re entitled.

We truly want to take the burden of the SBA EIDL experience off your shoulders so you can focus on your business and not the dysfunctional SBA process. We hope this helps to reduce your anxiety while you wait for your funding request to be approved.

Free Outline

Know how to approach a natural disaster EIDL Application. 
You have to be smarter than the SBA.

If you prefer to engage us for our one-on-one consulting service, complete our eligibility survey. Take the guesswork out of this already complicated process.

Our EIDL Survey

What We Do

We’ve created a step-by-step methodical approach to preparing your EIDL application package:

Documents Checklist

We require you to submit a comprehensive list of documents to understand your unique business story. More importantly, to overcome any variances, contradictions or discrepancies in your documents that may pose a challenge during SBA underwriting.

Document Control Team

We manage the intake of your documents and the subsequent careful filing of those documents inside our internal system.

Running a credit report

We run a classic FICO credit report to be prepared for any issues that arise during the process. This has been extremely helpful especially to save loans that would have been otherwise declined. This is even more crucial when someone is worried about credit. Watch this video for more myths on running credit. If this is an issue, DO NOT complete the survey.


We pride ourselves on the promptness and accuracy of our responsiveness to your inquiries.

What We Don’t Do

To help you understand our careful method before requesting an invitation to hire us, it’s important you understand what we don’t offer with your EIDL application request.

We are not a concierge service due to a capped government fee.

This means that we view our application process as an “assembly line”. It’s all about proper document control to review and understand your unique business story and to put it into a format acceptable to the SBA. We do not customize this approach for each Client. 

We do NOT need the timeline of your EIDL loan since you’ve started. Please do not send a chronological outline of everything you’ve tried to do alone. It won’t matter. We know how the SBA works.

We will not allow the client to control our process. We advise you of our process and progress throughout the entire onboarding process. 

Because our fee is capped by the SBA with an artificial maximum, we cannot afford the time to keep answering questions such as “What’s happening with my loan?” when all we can do is wait for the SBA.

During the waiting period for SBA to respond after your Reconsideration is submitted, we send all clients general information updates about the SBA. If you feel the need to exercise control over how we manage your file, this won’t work.

We do not send status updates. Simply put, there’s nothing to report until SBA communicates on your file. If you’ve not developed coping strategies while waiting on the SBA on the progress of your file, we are not the service for you

We do not know anyone at the SBA. We do not move files ahead of the queue at the SBA. 


SBA’s process and results vary widely from one application to another. Generally speaking, we’ve seen requests take on average 90-120 days. That’s three to four months. Please prepare your expectations accordingly.

Our Fee

The SBA allows a consultant to charge a flat fee of up to $2,500 to prepare an application package for you to submit.

However, due to SBA’s dysfunction and the likelihood of declination for a myriad of reasons, we have a $1,600 consulting fee to manage additional requirements and in the event of a declination to avoid charging a second fee for redoing the application. 

SBA requires us to disclose to you, as per SBA Form 159D:

  • Our fee is not contingent upon a result. This means whether a Client’s file is approved or not, we have earned our fee for the work involved in preparing your file for submission.
  • We collect our fee, in full, upfront at the time of signing our consulting agreement.
  • Our fee is nonrefundable.
  • We cannot guarantee approval with the SBA or with any lender.
  • We do not accept credit cards.

We know this sounds scary, but unfortunately, our experience with the SBA has proven how challenging the agency is with managing files. 

At Aurora Consulting, we fight for you, so your documents are in order based on working directly with the SBA on hundreds of files since March 2020. 

ON A BUDGET? Prepare on your own

We created our expert guide to application processing to help you minimize the anxiety of misunderstanding the tactics of Lenders and also the SBA. HOW did we create this guide and WHY? 

We were commercial financing consultants before COVID, and during COVID, we helped thousands of Small Business Owners navigate the nightmare of the SBA EIDL program.

The HOW comes from our hands-on experience processing and submitting applications to Lenders and to the SBA for our Clients.The WHY comes from seeing the mistakes, misunderstandings, and misery on both sides of the loan application process: from the Lenders/SBA and from the Small Business Owners.

We learned the hard way where the “weak points” were and decided to create our expert guide to assist you, the hardy Small Business Owner, in avoiding the pitfalls of the loan application process.

Do you believe you can navigate a loan application without expert guidance?  Maybe you’re unsure of the cost of an expert guide for loan applications:

  • How much time do you have to correct mistakes in the application because you made the wrong assumptions about what a Lender will accept?
  • How badly do you need the financing?
  • Are you willing to pay substantially higher lending costs (interest rates and fees) with alternative lenders because you failed with a traditional lender or the SBA?

Areas of Expertise + Free Resources

EIDL Consulting

Protect yourself and your business especially since the focus is not on forgiveness but on fraud and collection of defaulted EIDL debt. 

Natural Disaster
EIDL Consulting

We help guide you through the process to ensure a smoother process to an approval. 

Clients & Loyal Viewers Over the Moon

Muse Tim
Muse Tim
I had free 15 minutes scheduled phone call with Trevor. He was very helpful and professional. After the call I felt confident aurora consulting to handle my EIDL reconsideration.
Malake Khaled
Malake Khaled
Valuable information, not to be missed. Thank You for Time and effort!
Susan Sayer
Susan Sayer
Came across this company on or about April 2021..They are to the point, professional and commicate quickly! I honestly believe that they helped my business move forward when I was stuck in limbo stage awaiting the EIDL loan modification! I listened, engaged on live chats and they answered ALL my question and concerns. They have many years experience in the banking and loan industry. I will NOT hestitate to hire them in the future, if needed. Nice to have people with the correct background on our side! Thank you for a giving back to small bussinesses!
Shannon Harold
Shannon Harold
Very wise and straight to the point. They are on time and really passionate about what they do.
Bob Norman
Bob Norman
Trevor was kind, informative, professional, and earnest during our free consultation. Thanks for making all this mess with the EIDL more understandable!
Spent time with Trevor, very knowledgeable, genuine and trustworthy
james price
james price
Very knowledgeable! Felt 100% better about working with the SBA after 15 minutes on the phone.
Maureen Carruthers
Maureen Carruthers
Linda And Trevor are AMAZING Professionals and I truly appreciate their guidance and uplifting videos and Live Chats helping all small businesses navigate through the SBA EIDL program. Thank you SO MUCH 💯💯💯💯💯!!

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