At Aurora Consulting, we’ve counseled thousands of businesses before and during COVID and hundreds of EIDL loans. This gives us a unique insight into the challenges presented by SBA.

Trevor’s 30+ year background as a Lender specializing in government loans provides an understanding on how to manage clear and effective communication which avoids misunderstandings and delays that are easily perpetuated by business owners not familiar with the process. 

The SBA’s extensive paperwork, stringent regulations, and sometimes inconsistent communication can be overwhelming.

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EIDL Basics for Your Business   A bird's eye view of what responsibilities you have as a Borrower of the SBA EIDL Loan for your Business.  

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 We have a few guides to assist small business owners with the challenges of applying for a disaster loan:

🔎 Loan APPROVED, Now WhatKnow your responsibility before SBA TELLS YOU.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if I still need help after using your Blueprint/Beacon Series?

A. You will need to review every aspect of what you’ve submitted which is why it’s crucial to pay close attention to every detail. We provide guidance and insight per our direct experiences with the SBA, however, we cannot guarantee that every step you attempt and execute will result in an approval especially without our supervision and direct control over your file. 

Q. Can I call you after I buy blueprints to make sure I’m doing everything correctly?

A. Unfortunately, the price point of our blueprint series is set based on us not being on call to monitor how you’re progressing through the blueprint. Imagine calling Rachael Ray to ask why your recipe doesn’t look the same as in the cookbook.

Q. Are there refunds?

A. Given the proprietary information and delicate care to develop the Blueprint Series, we don’t offer refunds. We’re confident if you slow down, read carefully, apply attention to detail with how to communicate with the SBA, you’ll have a higher chance of success with our concepts, tactics and recommendations.