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Will SBA Sell Their SBA COVID-19 EIDL Portfolio

This blog complements our YouTube video, where we analyzed an Article. We scrutinized several sections in the article, The SBA Will Keep Its
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Repayment Of The COVID-19 EIDL

Would it surprise you that SBA makes it shockingly DIFFICULT for BORROWERS to make PAYMENTS? Since January of this year, we have been inundated
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EIDL Class Action Lawsuit against SBA | Opinion: Who’s to Blame

With uncertainty over the depth and length of the pandemic, including lockdowns, many Small Business Owners found salvation through the monies distributed by SBA
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COVID-19 EIDL Hardship Accommodation Update: Change of Ownership

Many struggling businesses are requesting a reduced payment through SBA’s hardship accommodation program.  SBA will allow you to reduce your monthly payment to as
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Often we’re chided and derided for our communications about the EIDL program and the SBA. We operate under the credo that we refuse to
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Business Owner vs SBA vs Congress

  The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) is under tremendous pressure from two sides with the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program.
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Are LLCs Immune from COVID-19 EIDL Debt Collection?

  We received the under-noted comment/questions on one of our YouTube videos. Both our video and this comment serve to demonstrate the continuing dysfunction of
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Removing Credit From Your Credit Report

Click to Watch our One Minute Video Have you been approached by people who claim they can repair or restore your credit and improve
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Forced to Take the COVID-19 EIDL

We received an inquiry from a Small Business Owner with a COVID-19 EIDL. Her (unedited) inquiry reads as follows:  “I was forced when I feel
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EIDL Q&A 101

Questions and Answers about EIDL Small Business Owners have so many questions about the COVID-19 EIDL program such as:  “Are EIDL loans forgiven if
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The Problem with Crowdsourced Knowledge

We believe crowdsourced knowledge can be useful for two reasons ONLY. Both of these concepts are valuable, but should only be used as a
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17 Q&As from Our YouTube Channel

From the very beginning of the pandemic, Linda Rey and I set out to provide thoughtful, truthful, and accurate information to struggling Small Business
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5 FAQs about the SBA EIDL Loan

There are five sections in this post that address various issues people inquire about with us on an almost daily basis. Our Post-Closing EIDL
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Can SBA Forgive a COVID-19 EIDL? No, but Congress can because they did it before. Small Business Owners with COVID-19 EIDLs want their loans Forgiven Facts about the Forgiveness
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3 Key Issues with the SBA Natural Disaster EIDL Loan

YouTube Playlist YouTube Playlist An article recently published by Louisville Public Media, shares how homeowners and business owners are working on their recovery from a
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Mindset and Makeovers: A Tale of Mistakes

Over the past three years, during COVID, we helped thousands of business owners secure funding through the various disaster programs in the United States. Our main focus was the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program.
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US Treasury State Small Business Credit Initiative

The federal government is making available $10 Billion and all small businesses in the country are eligible for the money. This is not the
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SBA Facts, Faults and Failures For all its faults, SBA has helped MILLIONS of Small Business Owners (SBOs) with the EIDL program. Seems irrelevant when you’re still waiting
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