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COVID-19 EIDL Hardship Accommodation Update: Change of Ownership

Many struggling businesses are requesting a reduced payment through SBA’s hardship accommodation program.  SBA will allow you to reduce your monthly payment to as little as 10% of the required payment for a period of 6 months.

A request to extend the 6 month period can be presented to SBA for up to 3 extensions for a total of 2 years of lowered payments.

SBA updated its Hardship Accommodation Program (HAP) guidelines on February 15th, 2024. As per those guidelines, your loan does not have to “current” on payments to be approved for the HAP. 


If your loan was assigned to US Treasury, but is not delinquent more than 180 days, SBA can recall the loan from US Treasury for regular servicing when the Borrower contacts SBA to reactivate a repayment action, via the HAP request process.

For loans less than $200,000, a first request for HAP can be accessed directly on the MySBA portal.

For loans of $200,00 or greater, send an email to SBA will respond with the HAP application form.

BUT…if your business had a change of ownership, or is considering a change of ownership, SBA will NOT approve a hardship accommodation request until a separate change of ownership process and SBA approval is completed.

You must submit the SBA “Change of Ownership” form. The new owner(s) will be required to submit SBA Form 912 and any other documents SBA requires. Note that SBA may require payment of the COVID-19 EIDL–partially or in full–to process a Change of Ownership request.



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