FedEx Financing

Aurora Consulting is proud to announce we’ve found a lending solution for FedEx routes!

The FedEx business model is unique and often confuses most Lenders. The nature of the contractor relationship between the driver and FedEx falls outside “normal” business models.

Banks find this relationship confounding, not the least due to the positioning of the collateral. Collateral in other businesses can easily be located in physical attributes such as plant and equipment, real property, or contracts and cash assets.

In the FedEx business model, the collateral is found in the value of the route and the robustness of the FedEx delivery enterprise.

The Lender we’ve connected with considers FedEx a “darling” lending opportunity! They’ve closed nearly 50 FedEx financing deals, 15 so far this year alone!

In short, Aurora Consulting has found a Lender who “understands” this unique business model and heartily encourages its growth with working capital.

Types of Financing:

• Business Acquisition
• Refinance existing debt on a FedEx business for lower interest rate or cash out
• Vehicle Equipment purchases

Lender’s Underwriting staff is expert for this type of specialized financing.

Aurora Consulting continues to seek out innovative financing solutions for our Clients’ financing needs. Not every type of financing request fits into every Lender’s “bucket.” We work diligently to find those Lenders who understand specialized business models and who embrace those unique businesses.

Call us today to see what financing solution we can find for your business success story!