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Linda Rey
Linda Rey, Chief Results Officer

Linda Rey is an insurance geek and a marketing geek. Her insurance and marketing experience spans 30+ years. As a previous agency owner and licensed investment advisor, Linda managed new business development, agency branding and networking.

Her professional experience includes (in no particular order):

  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Underwriting
  • Implementing management concepts
  • Personnel Development

Linda cut her teeth in her father’s insurance agency in the mid-1980’s with a typewriter, carbon-copy paper forms and a mad dash to the post office to snail-mail applications via certified mail!

Linda was determined to blaze her own trail after college and start a new adventure. In 1990, she found herself in Atlanta and dove headfirst into a successful career. Guess which industry? You got it! INSURANCE. What a happy accident!

Linda’s new career was with a reinsurance corporation as an Ocean Marine Underwriter. After 9 years, she returned to Sleepy Hollow and re-joined her father’s agency. She assisted with technology upgrades, building the  brand and networking with community and business organizations to expand the agency’s visibility.

In 2000, Linda earned her professional licenses including Life & Health and Property & Casualty Broker and 6 & 63 securities licenses.

In 2009, Linda discovered social media and was hooked. Her talent at building business using the 21st century tools, alongside old-fashioned selling and networking efforts, resulted in an 800% increase in revenue.

Linda has been professionally recognized by various organizations including 914Inc.Magazine, Westchester County Business Journal, Sleepy Hollow Chamber of Commerce, American Association of University Woman, Westchester Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Westchester Magazine and Institute of Applied Human Dynamics.

Linda’s community contributions include various community and county organizations such as Sleepy Hollow Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of the Tarrytowns, Westchester Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Westchester Association of Women Business Owners, Food Bank of Westchester and Westchester County Association.

She’s been featured in various publications such as but not limited to Fortune Small Business, The Insurance Journal, Independent Agent, American Agent & Broker, Journal News, Westchester Business Journal, Westchester Magazine’s 914Inc. etc.

Linda was also a proud contributor for the Equifax Insurance Blog from 2010-2014.

Linda LOVES working with business-owners who see their limitless potential with growing their business.

Trevor Curran, Chief Financing Rock Star

Trevor Curran

Rocker. Writer. Banker. Manager. Director.

Multiple careers across decades-long timelines only begin to define Trevor.  He was a writer and musician in his teens and twenties. Manager in the retail trade in his late twenties. Banker…including Manager and Sales Director…in the ensuing 30 years of his career in mortgage financing.

These days Trevor resides out in the country in Roxbury Connecticut.  Music and Wordsmithing are more than ever his craft and livelihood. Yet he hasn’t left behind the standards he developed in his mortgage financing career, including a severe attention to detail and a desire to provide access to credit when Banks, Underwriters, and the general population of the financing world tell business owners that dreaded word, “No.”

Sing me a song and find me that financing I need to grow my business.  Later on, write me some words to make my business shine. 

Yes, this sounds like a song.  The kind of song one of Trevor’s clients may sing.

Jeff Davis
Linda Rey, Chief Results Officer

Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in economics. In 2007 he received his J.D. from Seton Hall University School of Law.

Jeffrey spent the earlier part of his career managing a construction company, working with Mutual of Omaha providing financial planning services for individuals, and later working with KPMG LLP representing Fortune 500 companies in complex tax consulting matters.

However, Jeffrey has devoted the better part of his professional career representing hundreds of small businesses across a diverse array of industries, in both transactional and litigation capacities.

With an expertise in contracts, financial planning, business partnerships, construction, and real estate, Jeffrey offers a unique perspective for aspiring business owners and real estate developers.

“I believe in giving small businesses the attention, flexibility and dedicated sophisticated support they deserve. Critical to this approach is the personal and professional relationships I build with clients. At the end of the day, the focus is always quality: quality of clients, quality of life, quality of business.”
~ Jeff Davis

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Clients are Talking

  • Everything Linda touches turns to gold and with good reason - she's done it all! She is a true social media maven. Good luck Linda!

    Shara S.
  • Linda is well versed in creative ways to promote your company using social media and other forms of marketing. She lives and breathes what she does and is way beyond the usual type consultant. If you want to grow your business, you need Linda on your team...

    Michael D.
  • Linda is that rare mixture of brains and beauty. She has unstoppable energy, brilliant business acumen, and the ability to forge lasting relationships.

    Jenni S.
  • Linda Rey is intelligent, witty, creative & a very successful business owner for many years, so I have no doubt she can bring YOUR business to the heights of success you deserve! I know you will have a wonderful experience with Linda because she would have it no other way. She is also highly intuitive so she will know exactly what you need every time. **Linda I send you many many blessings of more success & abundance always!!!

    Elena S.
  • Great job in putting together a presentation for me! I already see an increase in closing my deals. Linda is extremely professional and knowledgeable about all facets of business. Highly recommended if you want to grow your business!

    Ron M.
  • Linda helped me understand a proposal I received on service I never had before. She was extremely responsive and jumped at the opportunity to guide me through the major line items. By making two simple changes, Linda help me cut my proposal IN HALF!!

    Danielle I.
  • Linda Rey responded to my request for a proposal review within minutes on a weekend! Her edits were spot on and allowed me to submit my very first written business proposal without worrying about whether I'd dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's. As always, Linda's feedback was insightful. She is an amazing resource to those wanting to grow and improve their businesses! Thank you, Linda Rey!!!

    Francesca M.
  • Aurora Consulting assists individuals grow their small businesses with fun and flair. Linda Rey has a unique way of making work, seem less like work. If you own a small business and are looking for ways to grow, and smile while you do it, look no further. Aurora Consulting is where you need to be.

    Jennifer B.
  • I cannot give Aurora Consulting and Linda Rey enough stars. I work in a very small niche field and for years we had been searching for someone who "gets us" and what we are looking for in our marketing, social media and website. I was starting to give up hope (we tried a lot of people), nothing seemed to be the right fit. Then, one day, I was introduced to Linda. She is creative and her mind never stops rolling, she takes a video of a simple meeting and is able to make something great! She has increased our presence in just a short time and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Aurora to any business looking to up there game!

    Sarah P.
  • Working with Linda Rey has been invaluable. She has shown me how less can be more (my original copies were way too long.) Graphics matter. Audiences are more engaged with strong graphics. Consistency matters. Linda has helped me set up a process to more consistent with my social media. Video works. Consumers love live crisp authentic video.

    When you partner with Linda you work with a professional in the business who will help make your business better and grow your revenues...and you will have a lot of fun working with her!
    Ann Z.