Who Has Time to Micro-Manage?

Control.  It’s all about control.  Or is it about trust?

For control, we mean it in a neutral way, neither positive nor negative. Because, depending on the entrepreneur and/or business owner, the definition of control changes.

Many of us have worked in environments where you’re micro-managed. We understand it, but we don’t have to like it.

Whether it’s the boss’ issue with control from a positive perspective (wanting the business to succeed) or a negative perspective (lack of trust by the boss), the question more and more people are asking is, “why can’t you teach me what I need to do…or train me…or trust me…and then, leave me alone?

It’s also about trust. The more trust you have in someone, the more you’re likely to delegate and let people do their job so you can do your’s.

How do you know if you’re micro-managing?

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CLICK HERE for the link to the Inc.com article.


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