Beacon Guides: Business Financing Application Fundamentals


  • 21 Points included in our Summary of Advice
  • Expectations to Anticipate with the Process
  • Your Origin Story
  • How to Navigate the Application
  • Business Formation
  • State Regulatory Requirements
  • Fundamentals of Filling Out Forms
  • Business Titles
  • Using a Smartphone
  • Electronic & Ink Signatures

BONUS Chapters:

  • Submitting Required Forms
  • How to Write a Credit Explanation Letter
  • Sample Letters & Affidavits
  • Think Like a Loan Officer
  • Critical Document Review
    • Bank Statements
    • Voided Checks
    • Photo Identification
    • Tax Returns
    • Business Formation Documents
  • Unlimited Updates When Available

Our Beacon Guide will prepare you for a very complicated process. Most people underestimate the process of what to submit and how to submit requirements. We saw the frustration prior to COVID and certainly the epic mistakes made during the COVID-19 SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) process. Minimize your aggravation with the process and better manage expectations. This Guide will shed light on the process so you’re prepared with a professional application package that will keep your loan on the top of the pile and reduce back-and-forth communication blunders.