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1. SBA is definitely working faster on files. We’re seeing recent Reconsiderations getting a response in thirty days or less. The response typically requests additional documents; the response isn’t necessarily an approval.

2. Once documents are submitted. SBA’s typical dysfunction kicks in and there’s silence on the file, no status updates available, NO approvals, and, too often, DECLINATIONS.

3. DECLINATIONS. We’re seeing that SBA fails time and again to actually read documents submitted for the Reconsideration process, including failure to read SBA’s OWN specialized forms (SBA Form 3501 and 3502). Also a failure to thoroughly review tax returns.

4. DECLINATIONS II. There’s a spate of declines over the past several days. Feels like SBA is “clearing the decks” again and sweeping older files over the starboard bow.

5. OLDER Reconsiderations. It’s an absolute disgrace with the lack of activity on these files. When SBA actually works on the file, there are repetitive requests for the same documents, and failure to read the documents submitted and move the file forward.

6. Once a Loan Officer signs off.  When a file is marked for approval based on the loan officer’s review, there’s a secondary review level (including legal team as far as our understanding). This secondary review seems to take weeks and there’s no response or status update in the meantime.

7. Uploading documents to SBA portal.  This is a constant nightmare: documents do not register in the system or are marked as “incorrect” when they aren’t.

8. $2M Increase requests. So far, it’s easy to request; we’ve submitted several.

9. Funding problems. Once a file is approved and the primary “authorized signor” DocuSigns the Loan Agreement, there have been delays in receiving the funds. We solved the mystery yesterday when we discovered the SBA is emailing the Loan Agreements to ALL other owners with a 20% or greater ownership interest, but the emails often go to SPAM and the primary signor is UNAWARE of this because there’s no mention (or functionality) on the SBA portal.

10. INCREASE BACKLOG. SBA has NOT cleared the backlog. We still have dozens of Client increase requests languishing in the SBA system with NO activity since APRIL.

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Submitting documents to SBA

If you’re submitting documents to the SBA, you’ll  need to do it the RIGHT way to ensure a smooth process! Here’s our advice (based on Trevor processing loans for over 30 years) on the best way to submit documents:

1. PDF ONLY. No photos, no other file types. With the volume of documents and applications they’re working on, SBA Loan Officers simply do not have the time to convert your documents to PDF. They’ll probably set it aside until they have time.

2. Separate PDFs for separate documents. A PDF of a voided check should be separate from a PDF of a photo ID and etc. When SBA has to separate your documents from a single PDF it slows down your entire process.

3. Label the PDF on your end. For example of a labelled PDF: “COMPANY NAME YTD Income Statement JAN 1 to SEP 30 2020” or “COMPANY NAME Voided Check”

4. List the documents you’re submitting in the body of the email. For example, SUBJECT LINE: “Company Name: Documents submitted DATE”. Then, in the body of the email: “Attached to this email: YTD Income Statement JAN 1 to SEP 30 2020, Voided Check, Photo ID”

5. We recommend using the NOTES App on your iPhone to scan documents. Ridiculously easy.

6. BEST Scanning app of all: “ADOBE Scan” which you can download to your smartphone from your respective app store.

7. When scanning with your smartphone, keep the document within the scanning borders. Most often the scanning app will give you a highlighted “border” for the document.

8. Always scan documents on a flat surface and scan straight, not slightly tilted.

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